What is Law

Law is a system of rules that needs to be followed by society, being enforced by different institutions

Almost all of us nowadays need to strictly follow a set of laws and regulations. However, only a small amount of them knows what is law, and whether or not we need them.

Although the term “law” may have many different meanings and definitions, the most common one, and the most basic, is that law is a system of rules that needs to be followed by society, being enforced by different institutions. Therefore, there are laws regarding almost every subject, from politics to contract laws or even economics ones. There are specific law enforcements whose job is to protect the laws and ensure that no one disrespects them.

Many have thought in the past of how life without law would be like, and anarchists strongly believe that it would be a better place. However, this is a popular misconception, as laws are there with a purpose, and life without them would be both chaotic and dangerous.

Now, aside from it being a set of rules that cover most topics, law may also refer to the practice of lawyers, whose job is to defend or condemn a client accused of violating the law. A lawyer needs to attend law school and moreover, pass an important test in becoming a lawyer, the bar exam. Passing such a test would give a lawyer a law license, and therefore, the possibility to practice law.

There are lots of categories of laws, that include most aspects of human activity. That refers to property, trust, criminality, but there are also international laws, as well as administrative ones. The term “lawlessness” has been used among history to describe life without laws, which in past time has lead to a breakdown in society.

If a law is good or not mostly depends on one’s political orientation, which will favor a law more or less. Laws are not perfect, because men are not.