Law Library

A law library is a library whose purpose is to help those seeking the state of the law.

A law library is a library whose purpose is to help those seeking the state of the law. This may include law students, attorneys and judges, and the vast majority of law schools include a law library, regardless of the country they come from.

In the United States, for instance, each and every law school is obliged to have a law library that meets the requirements stated by the American Bar association, regarding the quantity and quality of the materials available.

Moreover, the law libraries usually have their one building inside laws schools, as they are rarely kept together with the general library. Remaining in the US, some states are required by law to have a dedicated law library in each and every county, in order for common people to benefit from it.

A typical law library includes different treatises and encyclopedias, as well as practice guides, but the bigger ones do not stop on these subjects alone. They also include materials on different topics, such as legal education or the history of laws.

However, nowadays there are several online facilities that are dedicated to legal research. Those are websites such as, which is free to use and stores legal information with the purpose of helping small-business owners and mostly everyone to clear their questions regarding different aspects of laws. Moreover, it has launched also a UK service, dedicated to UK individuals or businesses. Therefore, nowadays the term “law library” may not only refer to a physical institution, but also an online database of laws.

Those are extremely useful to use if you don’t want to carry around with you large books related to law topics.

The American Bar Association has a very strict set or rules related to law libraries, such as the fact that a law library needs to have a director to work there full-time, as well as enough staff to attend the needs of the institution.