Bahrain Laws in English
Bahrain Laws Information

Bahrain laws are based on its constitution, and have been subject to different controversies during the history of the state. For instance, one Bahrain law back in 1974, which lasted until 2001 was installed with the purpose of crushing political unrest.

Bahrain laws and legislation suffered some changes in 2002, when the second constitution in the modern history of Bahrain was implemented.

The first constitution, which included original Bahrain laws, was written in 1973, just after the country won its independence from the United Kingdom. It was based on a unicameral legislature, which consisted of just 30 members. Those were elected through “universal suffrage”, as it was known. Furthermore, not just those 30 ruled the country, but they were helped by fourteen members who were royally-appointed government ministers.

However, only one election took place under this constitution, as it was abrogated in 1975. It is thought that it was a move made by the emir Shaikh Isa to gain power. The country was then ruled from 1975 to 2002 by emergency Bahrain laws.

The constitution that was implemented in 2002 was created shortly after the emir died. It was announced that Bahrain laws would be severely changed, as the state would adopt a more democratic way. However, when 2002 came, the new constitution was promulgated without a prior consultation of the population, and as a result, the elections that took place that year were boycotted by four political parties.

Bahrain laws are still evolving and a change might happen in the next years, truly adopting some democratic laws.