Civil Code of Egypt in English in English
Civil Code of Egypt in English Information

Article 1
Provisions of laws govern all matters to which these provisions apply in letter or spirit.

Table of Contents

Laws and Rights
The Application of Laws - Conflicts of Law as to Time
Conflicts of Law as to Place

Juristic persons

Articles 54-80 have been repealed by Presidential Decree.

Classification of Things and Property

Elements of Contracts - Consent
The Effects of a Contract
Dissolution of Contract

Liability Arising from Personal Acts
Liability Arising from the Acts of Another
Liability Arising from Things
Payment not Due
Voluntary Agency

The Law
The Effects of Obligations
Specific Performance
Compensation in Lieu of Performance
Any agreement contrary to the provisions of the two preceding paragraphs is void
Means of Realizing and Securing the Rights of Creditors
Means of Realizing the Rights of Creditors
One of the Means of Security: the Right of Retention
Conditional Obligations
Time Clauses

Alternative Obligations
Facultative Obligations
Joint and Several Obligations
The Assignment of a Right
Assignment of Debt
The Two Parties to Payment
Means of Payment
Methods of Extinction of the Obligation Equivalent to Performance Giving in Payment
Novation and Delegation
Compensation (set off)

Release of the Obligation
Impossibility of Performance
Extinctive Prescription
Proof of Obligations
Sale in General - Elements of Sale
Obligations of the Vendor
Obligation of the Purchaser
Different Forms of Sale - Sale with a Right of Redemption
Sale of a Thing Belonging to Another
Sale of Litigious Rights
Sale of an Inheritance
Sale Made During a Person's Last Illness
Sale by a Representative to Himself

Elements of a Gift
The Effects of a Gift
Revocation of Gifts
Elements of the Contract of Partnership
The Management of Partnership
The Effects of Partnership
Ways in Which a Partnership Comes to an End
Liquidation and Partition of the Partnership Property


Obligations of the Pledgor
Obligations of the Pledgee
As Regards Third Parties
Extinguishment of a Pledge
Pledge of an Immovable (Antichresis)
Pledge of a Movable
Pledge of Debts
General Provisions
Kinds of Privileges
Special Privileges over Immovables