Iraq Laws in English
Iraq Laws Information

The current Iraq laws were approved in a referendum, while stipulating the rights and responsibilities of the Iraqi people. The constitution promises civil liberties such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion and a free press, things that were not allowed until then. For detailed facts regarding Iraq laws, an English translation exists on the homepage of the Iraqi government website.

The criminal code changed too, in 2003, while changing the penalty for kidnapping and rape to life imprisonment. Iraq laws regarding personal status were issued in 2003, expanding the power of Muslim courts to rule over issues such as marriage and divorce.

The Iraq laws of election were enacted by the 2004 Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq. The above mentioned law stipulates that in order to register a political party, also known as a political entity, it is needed to pay a fee of 2,5 million Iraqi dinars. For registering a second party, the fee is much bigger, of 7.5 million dinars. Petition signatures are required by five hundred Iraqi citizens.

International Iraq laws have changed lately, as the Iraqi government has ratified various international treaties and documents alike. A great benefit for Arabic speakers is an internet-powered database including all Iraq laws, freely available online.