Libya Laws in English
Libya Laws Information

Since 1973, Libya law has been based on sharia law, though it wasn't always this way. Sharia law is derived from both the Qu'ran and the example of the Prophet Mohammed. Currently, there is no constitution governing Libya law, despite the Constitutional Proclamation issued in 1969.

The legal system is comprised of four levels of courts – Summary Courts, Courts of First Instance, Appeal Courts, and the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is made up of five separate chambers who hear the relevant cases – Administrative, Civil & Commercial, Constitutional, Criminal, and Sharia.

Notably, the Libyan laws regarding marriage appear less restrictive than many in Western countries might expect. Marriage may not be forced on anyone and a man may only have a polygamous relationship with the permission of his wife and prior judicial approval, which is based on the husband's ability to provide properly for a larger family.