Kuwait Laws in English
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As a constitutional monarchy, Kuwait laws and kuwaiti legislation are decided by a combination of the monarchy and parliament. Political parties are illegal, though the parliament is partially elected.

As one might imagine, much of the power in the country comes from those who control the oil and resulting revenues. The wealthiest individuals have quite a bit of say in any changes to Kuwait laws. These people are given top posts in the executive cabinet and parliament. However, their position is never secure as the Prime Minister is empowered to remove them from their position as he pleases. It doesn't stop there though, as the ruling monarch, called an Amir, can remove the Prime Minister as he pleases, even though this post is often filled by the Crown Prince.

A popular, yet not incredibly efficient Kuwait law is one that guarantees every Kuwaiti a job. This results in many people being assigned to tasks that could be handled by one person. The result is that this Kuwait law leaves the government as the largest employer in the country.