Laws and Regulations in English
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Today, many people and companies are interested in doing business in the United Arab Emirates. Before starting a business in the Emirates, it is important to research and fully understand UAE laws and regulations.

It’s advised to first research entry permits as well as what types of work visas or permits are required. Also take note of import taxes and any other laws regarding the establishment of businesses in the UAE. People infected with HIV, Tuberculosis, or Hepatitis are not grated work visas, although the UAE does not currently screen tourists.

When compared with other Arab nations, such as saudi arabia laws, the laws in the emirates are very liberal. The UAE has a National Human Rights Committee which is working to establish equality and other human rights within the Emirates. Women are allowed to drive, although Islamic laws are still used in respect to uae family law and even some criminal offenses.

The Constitution of the United Arab Emirates protects the freedoms of speech, opinion, movement, religion, occupation, communication, as well as the freedom of council and association. The UAE are working to prevent, suppress and punish people involved in human trafficking.

Expatriate workers in the UAE, (mostly from SE Asia, including Thailand and the Philippines) are often subject to indentured servitude after arriving in the UAE. Their passports are confiscated and they are legally bound to their employers.